Aculytics, Inc was founded in 2012. Aculytics provides development and implementation consulting services in the areas of business intelligence and data analytics using the Qlik Ecosystem to deliver dashboard solutions to their clients. By implementing predefined processes, adhering to both development lifecycle and enterprise architecture best practices, and utilizing proprietary tools and techniques, Aculytics delivers quick, efficient, and highly scalable solutions, enabling customers to perform self-service BI and ad-hoc dashboard analytics.

Our goals are to:

Business analytics, business intelligence, BI, business discovery are nothing more than industry buzzwords for what we do. Our core focus is to design and develop QlikView and Qlik Sense dashboards and solutions with actionable charts, graphs, and reports which enable you to interact with your data and make better business decisions.

Our goal is to give companies an interactive view to their data and enable them to ask and answer their own questions quickly and efficiently by removing the heavy dependency on IT. We build these applications by understanding each business and how they measure and analyze themselves.


When we want to improve or change the direction of our business, the first thing we must do is to gather the relevant facts and analyze the information that is available to us. Even if we have yet to create a solution, we analyze the information available to us about the problem at hand to formulate and create a solution. Aculytics helps our clients by assisting and empowering them to perform more powerful and effective analysis of their data and systems. Our solutions provide new types of analysis to our clients that allow them to freely explorer their data, and perform powerful associative, geospatial, statistical, and predictive analysis.


The next step in the process to improve or change is discovery, the moment when our analytical efforts and hard work start to pay off. What is important is the discovery process are both easy and intuitive, and that the results are accurate and reliable. By using tools such as the QlikView and Qlik Sense, among other technology partners, Aculytics strives to make business discovery not only possible, but easy for our clients. Enabling discovery goes beyond good ETL and data-warehousing, and involves good visual design and best practices. Information is designed and presented in such a way that important details stand out, trends are visually apparent, and the user can consume, search, and filter the information being presented to them with little to no effort.


The final step in making changes to improve your business is your reaction to new discoveries. This is why Aculytics help our clients to establish processes and best practices not only around the areas of iterative development and analytics, but also in the areas of data stewardship and change management. Reaction to change also results in the next evolution in your analysis process, which is why Aculytics’ solutions are designed to grow and change with your business. Our solutions are integrated into a common flexible architecture that is easy to maintain and change.


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