Enrich Your Geospatial Analysis with Competitor Locations


Enrich Your Geospatial Analysis with Competitor Locations

Aculytics has helped deploy QlikView and Qlik Sense based geospatial analytics for many clients over the years. As we continue to mature our knowledge about geospatial data and analysis, we have started to turn more to integration of external data sets. Our most recent R & D has led us to develop scripts within Qlik that are capable of using Google Maps data to locate and plot locations alongside existing data.

This could be locations of competitors, but also could include potential vendors, prospects, or any other relevant location to your business. When paired with population and other demographic data additional analysis can also be done in order to identify areas with high populations and little competition or markets that are already oversaturated and may be difficult to break into.

The solution is embedded within Qlik's load script, which means the data can be leveraged by any tool capable of visualizing locations using basic latitude and longitude coordinates. This would include, but is not limited to, Qlik's own GeoAnalytics and Qlik's longest standing partner, GeoQlik. Using this technology Aculytics is capable of further enriching our customer's geospatial data sets with the locations of other nearby businesses based on Google's indexing of locations. Along with the names and locations of these nearby businesses we are also capable of getting location phone numbers, hours of operation, internet ratings, internet reviews, and other information.

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