Meaningful Qlik Solutions in Healthcare


Dashboards and solutions built in Qlik can have meaningful impact in the healthcare space, allowing healthcare providers to create innovative solutions that solve real problems.

Nemours Children's Health System is not just a great healthcare organization providing quality care to children of all ages, they are also one of Aculytics oldest and most successful clients. Nemours is also a great example of how Qlik can be used to address problems and answer questions in virtually every department and area-of-operation within a business. Creating valuable data-driven insights that support critical decision-making processes and have a meaningful impact on the business, it's employees, and in some cases even the patients themselves. At Nemours Children's Qlik is not only used to analyze budgets and expenses, or provide reporting for things like professional billing. Qlik is used to try and improve the quality of care and most importantly improve medical outcomes. This includes activities such as tracking Employee compliance with required training activities, analyzing customer satisfaction data from Press Ganey surveys and using Qlik to analyze multiple disparate systems to audit the use of controlled substances such as pain medications.

Many of Nemours solutions have proved to be highly valuable to the organization and some such as the dashboard mentioned above to audit the use of controlled substances have even received attention from outside of Nemours and have been published in medical journals such as The Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, highlighting their success. To learn more about this solution from Nemours you can read the full article here; "Drug Abuse and Diversion in Pediatric Palliative Care—What You Should Know, What You Can Do, and What You Can Learn from Our Multisite Experience". This solution was built by Nemours employees using the Qlik business intelligence platform and Aculytics own AQUA framework for Qlik deployments. With some assistance from Aculytics professional services team and using our custom Qlik framework Nemours was able to build the above-mentioned solution.

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