Optimizing PostgreSQL for GeoQlik


Optimizing PostgreSQL for GeoQlik 

PostgreSQL is a fantastic resource and provides an ideal environment for hosting your geospatial data. However, out of the box the performance can leave a bit to be desired. Luckily, with a few tweaks we can greatly improve the performance of GeoQlik deployments.

Below, we’ve listed a few of the configuration modifications we make for nearly every installation we do. These settings can be modified from the postgresql.conf file or, for even easier access, use the Backend Configuration Editor. As we all know, every installation and deployment is different so you may have to adjust some of these settings depending on your environment and hardware however this provides a solid baseline. Here our most common changes:

Whether you are just begining your geospatial analytics journey, or you are trying to tune a complex environment, contact Aculytics today to discuss how we can help you succeed.  

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