Qlik Sense - Engine API Explorer


Qlik Sense - Engine API Explorer

The Qlik Sense dev-hub if full of great tools for developers looking to do more than just write load scripts and chart expressions. One of these tools is the Engine API Explorer which allows you to browser the available Engine API methods, view validly formatted template JSON request, and execute test calls of the methods using the template request or a request containing your own parameters and modifications. As a result you get valuable real world JSON formatted results with the data coming from your Qlik Sense instance and applications. 

Using the Engine API Explorer you can test out the available methods in the API. Making sure the ones you think you need to meet your business requirements do exactly what you expect. Saving time and avoiding unnecessary headaches when considering whether or not to connect to the QIX Engine via the Engine API when building custom Qlik Sense utilities. For instance we recently used the Engine API Explorer to identify and test the methods necessary to pull a list of apps from a Qlik Sense server and extract the contents of the load script from each app. By testing the methods in the Engine API Explorer we were able to validate the required JSON inupt parameters as well as preview the actual JSON output from our server. This allowed us to better plan our development before we started writing and debugging code in Visual Studio, saving us hours in testing and validation.

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