Top 3 reasons to upgrade to Qlik Sense 3.2


Top 3 reasons to upgrade to Qlik Sense 3.2

With every new release comes a host of new features and bug fixes. In our opinion, here are the top 3 reasons to upgrade to Qlik Sense 3.2.
#1 Shared Persistence - The new shared persistence architecture gives Qlik the capability to use Network Shares to store applications and other key information about your environment. This feature removes many issues we have seen in more complex deployments when syncing between multiple nodes in an environment. This also allows Sense adminstrators to move large Qlik files off of the server's local file system and onto Network Shares or File Servers (where large file belong). Shared persistence also means that apps no longer need to be duplicated across multiple nodes, saving significant network storage in complex environments. When you consider backups and disaster recovery, this consolidation can save even more space, along with recovery time in DR scenarios 
#2 Calendar Measures - This cool new feature allows you to automatically create multiple time-based variations of a metric, and store them as Master Items without any expression development. All of the required set analysis is automatically generated, meaning power users can now build and do more without mastering set analysis syntax. This helps lower the learning curve for Qlik Sense dashboard development, making it an even more powerful and more accessible tool within your organization.
#3 QlikView Converter - If like many long time Qlik customers you are running both QlikView and Qlik Sense or if you want to move to Qlik Sense but have a lot of value in your QlikView apps that you cannot live without, this feature is your new best friend! Using the new QlikView app converter you can automatically convert your QlikView apps to Qlik Sense. The tool will migrate Qlik script, and help identify which objects can and cannot be converted, allowing you to make choices regarding what you want to migrate during the app conversion process.
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Want to learn more about what's new in Qlik Sense 3.2? Check out this quick video from Qlik.

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