Why should I convert My QlikView CALs into Dual-Use Licenses Now?


Many clients are asking the question, "why should I convert my QlikView licenses into dual-use licenses now?"

For those of you who are not familiar with this fairly new license offering from Qlik let's start by addressing the question, "what are dual-use licenses?" Dual-use licenses are essentially QlikView Client Access Licenses (CALs) that have been upgraded to allow access to both QlikView and Qlik Sense under a single license. But for anyone who does not own Qlik Sense today, or who has a Qlik Sense deployment but would like to increase the number of users for a very small cost dual-use licenses are ideal. In fact, I would venture to say that it's such a good deal that you would be foolish to pass it up. Keep reading and I will explain.

So now lets switch back to addressing our original question. While you might be perfectly happy and still capturing large amounts of value using QlikView today (it is still a great product) the writing is on the wall, and it is only common sense that QlikView will not be around forever or at least not in its current form. Qlik Sense is the future of Qlik and where Qilk is putting the majority of their development time and dollars. Sure QlikView and Qlik Sense are now built upon the same QIX engine and any improvements made to that engine benefits both products. But that will only breath so much life into the product and take it so far. So converting your QlikView licenses to dual-use today can give you access to all of the new bells and whistles available in Qlik Sense without a significant investment at all. Allowing you to have the best of both worlds and create an environment where you can start moving your QlikView dashboards and solutions over to Qlik Sense at a more gradual and relaxed pace. Giving your users time to adapt and get used to the new tool as well.

Some key points to remember when considering this change or not:

For smaller Qlik clients dual-use is amazing. Some small clients have doubled the number of users in their Qlik Sense environment for fewer dollars than they would have spent on one Qlik Sense Token in the past.

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