The healthcare industry has become complex over the past decade and trends suggest that it will become increasingly complex in years to come. Providers are experiencing a need to cut costs, improve outcomes and quality of care, and optimize complex workflows. With the implementation of EMR systems like EpicCare and McKesson, the accessibility of an organization’s data is rapidly increasing. However, even with this increase in available data, the industry has had slow adoption towards analytics. Reasons for this include security, privacy, and regulatory concerns, lack of capable tools, and complexity of data.
Enterprise analytics for the healthcare industry requires management of large deployments, security and privacy concerns around EPHI data, and the complex consolidation of multiple large data sources, all of which are part of Aculytics’ forte. Leveraging QlikView in the healthcare industry, Aculytics has:

Aculytics experience by area of operation or business functions:

Enterprise Data Integration

Aculytics builds flexible enterprise architectures that are scalable and support growth in number of users, increases in data volume, and the addition of more locations and complex business rules. Aculytics integrates multiple source systems into a single solution set, extracts the needed data into one common data format, and transforms the data into easily consumable information. Aculytics then organizes the information into associative data models that are reusable across many dashboards and reports throughout the enterprise. Using powerful desktop and browser-based tools business users can then perform self-service reporting and create ad-hoc dashboards and analysis solutions without getting help? from IT and data-warehouse groups. Analysis capabilities include the abilities to dynamically convert volume data from one unit of measure (UOM) to another, as well as perform currency conversions on global data to enable the rollup of financial measures across the globe in desired countries currency.

Features & Benefits

  • Systems integration and data consolidation
  • Track and trend block time utilization rates
  • Analyze surgical cases by metrics including volume distributions, start times, delay reasons, and cost
  • Track emergency cases by volume, length of stay, re-admissions, admission and discharge measures
  • Regulatory reporting including EMTALA, Meaningful Use, and state regulatory agencies
  • Measurement and adherence to care guidelines
  • Incorporation and comparison of CDC metrics
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics and monitor their performance against corporate goals
  • Make decisions based on facts supported by the data and optimize company performance

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