Efficiently measuring and monitoring your organizations sales and marketing department is imperative to efficient operation and revenue growth. However, all the information is stored in disparate data sources including cloud based CRM’s, internal price books, and complex accounting systems. Not to mention distributed sales teams and sales representatives and a rapidly changing business environment.

Whether you wish to track your sales people and team, customers and prospects, sales pipeline, or marketing campaigns, Aculytics has the experience and know-how to help. Our business intelligence (BI) Solutions, leveraging the QlikView business discovery platform, enable your organization to quickly consolidate all relevant sales and marketing information and create powerful, efficient, and interactive dashboards. Sales and marketing metrics can be visualized and trended with multiple views for c-level executives, leadership teams, sales managers and sales representatives.

Aculytics’ experience by area of operation or business functions:

Enterprise Data Integration

Aculytics builds flexible enterprise architectures that are scalable and support growth in number of users, increases in data volume, and the addition of more locations and complex business rules. Aculytics integrates multiple source systems into a single solution set, extracts the needed data into one common data format, and transforms the data into easily consumable information. Aculytics then organizes the information into associative data models that are reusable across many dashboards and reports throughout the enterprise. Using powerful desktop and browser-based tools business users can then perform self-service reporting and create ad-hoc dashboards and analysis solutions without going involvement from the IT and data-warehouse groups. Analysis capabilities include the abilities to dynamically convert volume data from one unit of measure (UOM) to another, as well as perform currency conversions on global data to enable the rollup of financial measures across the globe in desired countries currency.

Sales Process and Pipeline Management

Powerful dashboards enable sales directors and sales managers to visually monitor individual and team adherence to process in consolidated views. Visualize and trend your sales pipeline stages to gain new and powerful insights out of your CRM’s data. Easily monitor conversion rates, fall out rates, and reasons won and lost to identify potential process improvements. Roll up and drill down capabilities to view KPI’s at multiple levels. Mobile enabled dashboards to enable sales analytics while on-the-go.

Marketing and Customer / Prospect Analysis

Identify target markets for new marketing campaigns and track their effectiveness. Compare customers and prospects to identify potential up-sells and product offerings. Analyze how customers discover your organization and product offerings and identify optimizations in lead generation. Incorporate google analytics, adwords, and adsense to increase traffic and optimize the path visitors take while navigating your website.

Features & Benefits

  • Systems integration and data consolidation
  • Direct link to common CRM platforms including Salesforce.com(SFDC), SalesLogix, and others
  • Easily trend and monitor revenue and sales volume by multiple dimensions(region, sales person, product, site)
  • What-if analysis around sales volume, revenue, gross margin, and other metrics
  • Monitor and optimize sales person and sales team efforts
  • Social and collaborative analytics for sales huddles
  • Accurately profile and identify prospects based on historical sales
  • Measure customer and product revenue and profitability
  • Track sales pipeline conversion and fallout metrics
  • Identify customer purchasing trends for targeted sales efforts
  • Visualize the effects of new marketing campaigns against targeted prospects
  • Geospatial customer and prospect analysis including interactive heat maps and location based aggregations
  • Incorporate google analytics, adwords, and adsense to optimize web traffic flow
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics and monitor their performance against corporate goals
  • Make decisions based on facts supported by the data and optimize company performance

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