Out of the box QlikView and Qlik Sense come with the ability to create graphical charts and visualize data in a variety of highly useful ways. However, there are time when QlikView and Qlik Sense alone does not support the creation of the visuals needed to meet all of your business users requirements. For these instances, Aculytics has created a lightweight web application that can quickly and easily integrate custom visualizations into the QlikView or Qlik Sense environment. Unlike extension objects these custom visuals do not require custom code, and can be embedded in both Straight and Pivot table cells, as well as Text Objects. They can also be used to dynamically render chart backgrounds and work with QlikView Publishers PDF reporting abilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Highlight target zones or regions vs drawing reference lines.
  • Embed gauges in straight and pivot tables that have varying sized color bands based on calculated measures made within the chart dimensionality.
  • Create split line charts with three or more scales without losing the ability to scroll horizontally.
  • Works with QlikView PDF Publisher reports.
  • Works in QlikView Desktop, Webview, IE Plugin, and AJAX on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

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