Aculytics’ mortgage banking solution is a complete sales pipeline management tool for the mortgage banking industry that has the power to provide relevant, actionable and up-to-date business insights. From high level KPIs and metrics to granular loan level detail it provides the information you need to grow your sales organization to the next level.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides both detailed analysis and high level performance metrics in a single business intelligence tool.
  • Present a single source of the truth and perform ad-hoc queries across multiple disparate data sources such as LOS, AUS, loan level databases, pricing and data warehouses with ease.


  • Generate and distribute customizable reports on-the-fly using all available data with exceptional self service capabilities and functionality.
  • Built upon the highly flexible and powerful QlikView BI platform the solution can be customized to integrate additional types of data as well as perform new types of analysis.

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More Details

The dashboard visualizes critical business metrics related to origination volume and pipeline velocity enabling you to effortlessly identify bottlenecks across the organization. Additionally, it provides powerful year-over-year trend analysis as well as goal and forecast indicators. From here you can drill down to people and product data to analyze relative and individual performance allowing you to quickly assess the state of your business and make more informed decisions.

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