Qlik Connectors are tools that allows QlikView and Qlik Sense to easily interact with external data sources that are not accessible through your normal ODBC or OLE-DB data connections. Qlik Connectors automatically converts the data into a format easily consumable by Qlik, abstracting the complexity of API’s and proprietary data sources. Some of these data sources include Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, and your email mailbox to name a few. You can also connect to web services that provide sentiment analysis, such as Alchemy, OpenAmplify, or Repustate. Finally, there is a general Web Connector allowing a user to pull in data from any web service into their app.

**Note Qlik Web Connectors were previously part of the 3rd party QVSource product which was acquired by Qlik and is now integrated directly into the Qlik platform. The features and functionality remain the same and will continue to be invested in and expanded by the Qlik team. 

Features & Benefits

  • Gain broader insight by integrating web based and open source data into your QlikView and Qlik Sense dashboards
  • Remove the complexity of learning API’s

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More Details

Google Analytics connector gives you the ability to analyze website performance. Pull down statistics recorded by Google analytics and display them in a more user friendly way. You can display the various metrics side-by-side according to the most useful way for you to see it, as well as custom analysis that might pertain for special cases.

Twitter Connector interacts with multiple twitter APIs, such as Public User timelines, internal account statistics, as well as Twitter Search. You can compare popularity of your products vs the competitors based on mentions or even retweets. The same analysis can even be used across a company’s various Twitter pages, for instance electronics account compared to their software account. Included with the Facebook, Facebook pages, Facebook insights, and Klout connectors, a company can get a pretty good view of social media data produced about them.

Mailbox connector allows a user to view their mailbox makeup. Monitoring an email account’s size restrictions and inbox makeup can be done without needing to search through multiple tabs, settings, and menus in order to find what is being looked for. There is also the ability to monitor these statistics for multiple email accounts, allowing for simpler account management.

Notification Connector allows a user to have notifications sent straight from a QlikView load script. If there are only certain instances where someone needs to enter the app, this is useful in keeping the user alert, without intruding on their day-to-day schedule. Alerts can be sent on reload statistics or data conditions.

Sentiment Analysis & Text Analytics Connector allows a user to view sentiment analysis on text included in their data. Social media comments, survey notes, or mailbox messages are examples useful to analyze. There are a few web APIs that this connector can use to perform sentiment analysis.

Web Connector allows users to pull down data from Web APIs without going through the process of requesting a new connector. QlikView can also interact with Web API methods Put, Delete, and Post.

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