Qlik DataMarket allows Qlik developers to augment their own internal data with syndicated data from external sources which are both reliable and trusted. Adding value to your existing solutions by enriching your data with additional context and dimensionality, enabling analyst and business users to spot new trends and provide deeper insights into outside impacts and internal reactions.

Data Packages and Topics


Essential Package

  • Business Dynamics Statistics
  • Euro-zone Business Climate Indicator
  • Currency exchange rates
  • World population (level of detail varies country by country)
  • Select development indicators
  • US and European economic data
  • US and European society data
  • Weather data

Topical Package

  • Company Financial Reports
  • Stocks and Indices
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Weather data


Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Provider Performance Package

  • Readmissions and Deaths
  • Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program data
  • Medicare Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) data

Financial Data Package

  • Company Financial Reports
  • Stocks and Indices
  • Currency exchange rates


Qlik DataMarket is a data-as-a-service subscription based product which is directly integrated with the Qlik products. Using Qlik you can browse the Qlik DataMarket's comprehensive library of external data sources; then select, subscribe, and load the data you need into your Qlik solutions.  Since the service is integrated with Qlik there are no concerns about data format and compatibility, all of your Qlik DataMarket data is compatible with all of your internal data once loaded onto the Qlik platform.

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