Qlik NPrinting is a centralized report creation and distribution platform that connects to QlikView and Qlik Sense applications to deliver reports in a variety of formats. NPrinting offers full Microsoft Office integration through the NPrinting Designer, so report developers can spend less time learning a new tool and more time creating beautiful, to the point, actionable reports, delivered straight to the end-users. Users can receive their reports through email, network drive, or through the NewsStand, NPrinting’s report distribution hub. Using the NewsStand, users can also subscribe to reports and even request on-demand reports.

Features and Benefits

  • Uses already loaded data: Connects directly to your QlikView and Qlik Sense applications.
  • Ease of use: Create reports directly in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel using the NPrinting Designer, along with HTML reports, reports directly from Qlik objects, and even banded reports using PixelPerfect!
  • Filter Your Data: Filters can be applied on multiple levels so that users only see what’s relevant to them.
  • Collaboration: Everything is stored in the repository on the server, so your team can configure, design, and distribute all from one place.
  • Delivered when you need it: A flexible distribution system allows users to receive reports whenever you want, and even allows conditional-based distribution.
  • Central, Self-Service Distribution: Use the NewsStand to store and view current and past reports, along with on-demand and subscription features.
  • As scalable as you need it: Use multiple engines to distribute server load and deliver peak performance, whether you’re a small business or an enterprise-level corporation.
  • Extend With API: NPrinting exposes an API so developers can do even more.

Product Preview


Product Details

Qlik NPrinting is a central report configuration, development, and distribution platform that utilizes your already existing QlikView and Qlik Sense applications to send relevant, actionable, richly formatted data directly to your end users in a variety of formats. Connections are first made to your existing QlikView and Qlik Sense applications to bring in the data. Report templates can then be built on top of those connections using the NPrinting Designer application that is installed on the report developer’s machine.  There are a variety of report types to choose from, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint reports with full Microsoft Office integration so that designers can get up and going quickly to create content. Along with the Office types are HTML reports, direct Qlik object reports, and even a PixelPerfect banded report, similar to Crystal Reports. Filters can also be created on the connections and applied on a task, report, user, or even object level to fine tune the data so that users can only see what’s relevant to them.

Once a report is created, one or more tasks can be created to configure the distribution of the report. This can be fine-tuned with the report output type, triggers, filters, and even conditionals to specify where, when, and how a report is sent out. One of these delivery locations can be the NewsStand, which is NPrinting’s report hub. Here, users can view different reports and their histories, along with subscribing to reports and even requesting on-demand reports to be delivered to them.

Additionally, there is an API available for developers on your team to extend NPrinting’s out-of-the-box behavior. Using this, you can do such things as having a report generated each time a Qlik Sense application is reloaded, or triggering an NPrinting task based on a Windows Task.

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