Qlik Sense is a self-service business intelligence and data visualization platform. With an easy to use mobile-friendly interface, advanced smart search capabilities, and dynamic content generation that uses machine-learning algorithms to learn how your users interact with and consume your data, and then dynamically generate data visualizations based upon a user's search to present the user with the information they are looking for. The results are intuitive and powerful data-driven insights that analysts and business users can use to make well-informed decisions based on data and facts. Using Qlik Sense users can also share and collaborate with ease, pushing data and analytics out to all areas of the business, increasing time-to-value and ROI.

Features & Benefits

  • Create smart and responsive data visualizations with a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Enable self-service data analytics and BI using Qlik Sense's visual data-modeler to load data and build associative data-models without writing a single line of code
  • Utilize Qlik's smart search capabilities to sift through large amounts of data quickly and discover valuable insights
  • New AI and cognitive capabilities allow Qlik Sense to learn how your business users use and consume your data, enabling Qlik to dynamically generate new data visualizations in real-time, highlighting important trends in your data and providing powerful business insights into the operations of your business
  • Access your dashboards and data from any device on your network using Qlik Sense's zero-footprint web client
  • Integrate disparate data sources from local databases, web API's, and solutions hosted in the cloud to ensure you have a complete picture to drive business decision
  • Discover the power of green, white, and grey using Qlik's associative engine to uncover hidden relationship in your data and make discoveries in your data
  • Leveraging Qlik's latest QIX in-memory data analytics engine Qlik Sense is able to load in large amounts of complex data and make it available for ad-hoc self-service analytics without the drawbacks and shortfalls of tools that rely on ad-hoc query and OLAP cube-based technologies

Product Preview


Qlik Sense is a powerful business intelligence and data visualization platform, that features an integrated development environment that allows developers to build an entire business intelligence solution using a single product. Qlik is able to do this by including a flexible and robust scripting language to perform data extraction, transformation, and load operations within the tool itself. Enabling developers to create business intelligence solutions where both the front-end and back-end logic can be managed using a single easy to use development tool. However, with Qlik your BI developers do not have to be programmers. Using Qlik Sense's visual data-modeling capabilities an organization can enable business users and subject matter experts within their organizations to become citizen developers, loading in, transforming, and modeling data for use in their own ad-hoc or self-service analytics. Reducing the dependency on IT and increasing time-to-value when it comes to data analytics and dashboard development. Allowing IT to focus more on data infrastructure and administration and less on data preparation, procurement, transformation, and modeling.

Qlik Sense also offers a wide array of cutting edge features that reduce many of the complexities of dashboard design with things like intelligent data visualizations that automatically adjust to the end user's device size and type as well as the screen resolution and orientation. Qlik also contains advanced smart search capabilities that allow business analysts and end-users to not only search the entire in-memory model for individual references to values within columns and rows but also to search and return data visualization that reference values. For instance, if a user searches a Qlik dashboard for a particular employee's name not only would they be presented with a list of fields containing the employee name they searched for but also a list of charts or data visualizations that also contain the employee's names. This might include things such as charts that are designed to highlight the top or bottom sales performers within your sales organization.  Finally, using Qlik's Insight bot the Qlik Sense product can process natural language queries and dynamically generate new data visualizations to answer your business queries and provide insights into your business operations and data, showing you trends related to important drivers hidden within your data that are virtually impossible to find without the power of AI and machine learning.

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