The QlikView Business Discovery Platform is more than just another Business Intelligence (BI) tool. It’s an easy to learn ETL development tool, powerful in-memory data analytics engine, WYSIWYG design tool, and an intuitive user-friendly dashboard interface all in one.

Features & Benefits

Desktop benefits
  • Integrated development environment
  • Intuitive easy to use development tool and end-user interface
  • Cutting edge in-memory technology
  • Consolidate information from across the enterprise into a single application
  • On-the-go development
Server Benefits
  • Code once deploy anywhere
  • Governed access and centralized management
  • Collaborative Business Intelligence
  • HTML5 AJAX enabled Universal Touch Client
  • Self-service BI
  • Online Mobile Business Intelligence

Product Preview


Working with QlikView

QlikView Desktop

Using the QlikView desktop product, a single user with one QlikView license can design and build a complete business intelligence solution all in one tool. No need for a complex array of multiple products in order to build a business intelligence solution that suits your business needs. Using the QlikView platform, it is no longer required that you invest in expensive enterprise data warehouse (EDW) systems, OLAP cubes, ETL tools, and other development tools all as separate products. With QlikView these tools are either already part of QlikView’s integrated development environment or purely optional, allowing each enterprise to choose more freely what tools and systems to invest their time and money into. Using QlikView it is easy to extract data from multiple disparate data sources and integrate all of the information needed to run your company’s reporting and analytics into a single technology platform.

QlikView helps business analyst and BI developers by enabling them to create cutting-edge BI applications that end-users can rapidly enhance and extend to meet the needs of the business as they change. Providing fast and accurate answers, QlikView’s patented associative business intelligence experience is easy to use and interact with. Enabling business users to generate new insights and discover answers to questions they didn’t even think to ask, performing analytics in a very natural and intuitive way.

QlikView Server

The QlikView Server enables developers familiar with QlikView to quickly and easily host QlikView dashboard applications on the web in either QlikView’s built in web-server, or using Microsoft Windows IIS. Using QlikView Server to host dashboard solutions is simple and easy. The server platform itself automatically translates all your dashboard applications into zero footprint HTML5 AJAX enabled web sites that work on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This environment is referred to as the Universal Touch Client because it is works consistently across most operating systems and web browsers. Enabling companies that use QlikView to take advantage of a true “code once deploy anywhere” business intelligence strategy.

QlikView Server also enables businesses to create self-service and collaborative business intelligence environments where business users can easily create their own customized analytics solutions that fit their specific needs as a user. Then they can also share solutions they make and invite others to collaborate and perform analysis with them, working together to identify problems and analyzing the data to find answers.


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