Whether you are just getting started or working on an enterprise wide dual deployment of QlikView and Qlik Sense, our certified team of Qlik experts can help successfully implement your next challenge.

Features & Benefits

  • Certified QlikView and Qlik Sense Developers, Data Architects, and System Administrators
  • Knowledgable staff that are always monitoring and learning the latest Qlik trends
  • Proven implementation strategy
  • Experience with complex multi-node / multi-proxy Qlik Sense deployments

BI Development and Deployment Services

Creating and managing a scalable QlikView architecture capable of growing across the enterprise involves approaching your BI deployment with a strategy. With the correct methodology QlikView is significantly faster and easier to deploy than other competing BI software products. Aculytics’ implementation staff is made up of certified BI professionals with expertise in creating, deploying, and maintaining QlikView environments and dashboards.

To ensure success and best serve our clients Aculytics focuses on three core areas of development and implementation services.

BI Architecture

Developing and implementing the right architecture framework helps lay the foundation of success for your QlikView projects and initiatives. Using the AQUA framework Aculytics can quickly setup your development environment. Providing project teams with the tool and utilities needed to be successful. However, our services don’t end there. Aculytics can also customize its predefined architecture and processes to best suite your needs and train your staff to efficiently maintain and grow your QlikView environment.

BI Application Development

Our goal is to build long term lasting relationships with our clients and partners. We do this in part by helping them become self sufficient. However, sometimes a challenge arises that requires deeper expertise in connectivity, integration, data modeling, and solution design and development than most clients possess on their own. In these cases Aculytics professional QlikView development team works closely with in-house subject matter experts, business users, and project stakeholders to design and build an optimal solution. Providing the thought leadership, industry experience, best practice knowledge, and dedication required to ensure successful design and development of solutions.

Enterprise BI Considerations

While most QlikView implementations are successfully run by in-house resources, Aculytics consulting services team can guide larger more complex enterprise BI deployments. Working together with your in-house IT and technical support staff Aculytics has the talent and skill sets needed to address even the most challenging BI project requirements. We also work closely with internal teams to monitor progress, measure success, and create a BI strategy that ensures long term sustainability and continued success. This includes laying out strategies for the development and successful implementation a Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (COE) with the QlikView technology and product family at its core.

At Aculytics we feel there is a right way and a wrong way to implement a successful enterprise Business Intelligence strategy. To ensure successful implementation of a strategy you must make it:

  • Mandatory
    Participation is not optional, everyone must be on board with the program.
  • Focused
    Stay focused on what’s important, strategically and systematically implement what is needed.
  • Well Founded
    Lay the right foundation and ensure core components are accurate.
  • Structured
    Without the proper structure, solutions are not scalable and become inefficient and costly to maintain.
  • Accurate
    Create solutions that work when used as intended, maintaining data integrity.
  • Consistent
    Processes should be repeatable, solutions should be both modular and reusable, and design layouts should be templated.
  • Simple
    Simplicity is key, the end solution should be as simple and intuitive as possible for the end users.
  • Incremental
    Large changes can be scary for employees, instead layout a roadmap and make smaller more digestible changes.

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