Our BI experts can help you install and configure QlikView or Qlik Sense to ensure the foundation of your deployment is done right. From simple single server setups to complex multi-node enterprise deployments, our team has the expertise to smoothly guide you through the process.

Features & Benefits

  • Lay the right foundation
  • Decrease your time to value

QlikView Installation and Configuration

Basic installation and configuration of the Qlik Business Intelligence software suite and the related 3rd party add-ons are generally simplistic. However, large enterprise deployments and high security environments in industries under strict government regulation sometimes require more complicated setups.

Aculytics’ Certified consultants have the experience, training and knowledge required to correctly install and configure your Qlik Server environment. Our experience includes the installation and configuration of:

  • Qlik Sense Enterprise Edition
  • QlikView Server
  • QlikView Publisher
  • Document Metadata Service (DMS) mode for advanced security integration
  • Configuration of QlikView with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for HTTPS access to QlikView documents
  • QlikView PDF Publisher for automated report generation and email distribution
  • QlikView Server clustering for distributing and balancing resource usage
  • QlikView Publisher clustering for scheduled task failover
  • QlikView AccessPoint with Microsoft Windows Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Distributed QlikView services configuration, separating QlikView Server (QVS), QlikView Publisher (QVP), QlikView Management Service (QMS), QlikView Distribution Service (QDS), QlikView Web Service (QVWS), and QlikView Directory Services Connector (DSC) windows services onto multiple servers for increased performance and scalability.
  • QlikView Management Console (QMC) consolidation, enabling QlikView administrators to manage multiple QlikView services from a single instance of the QMC.
  • GeoQlik Server with PostGreSQL and PostGIS to enable geospatial analysis in QlikView
  • QlikView SalesForce.com Connector
  • QlikView SAP Connector
  • QlikView Workbench for Visual Studio integration and development
  • QlikView Web Parts for SharePoint Portal Services integration

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