Organizations today realize the strength of powerful analytics, but don’t always know where to begin. Aculytics can bring a new perspective to your company’s analytics portfolio. Whether your organization has already started on its analytics deployment, or you are looking to begin your journey, let our experienced solution architects inspect your current state and guide you in the right direction. After assessing your needs, we will develop a scalable strategy and road map to guide your organization towards its analytical goals.

Features & Benefits

  • Strategic roadmap development
  • BI Capacity planning
  • Incorporate all aspects of business intelligence and analytics
  • Business and IT considerations
  • Resource and cost forecasting
  • Focus on long term ROI

BI Environment Assessments Strategies

BI Roadmap and Deployment Strategy

Aculytics can design, develop, and deploy dashboards quickly and efficiently. To derive the fastest ROI out of your BI deployment, we first identify key business areas with the largest need and plan to focus our efforts there. We then prioritize and plan the analytical needs of the rest of the organization. This results in a strategic road map for deploying and managing QlikView and BI across your organization.

Enterprise BI considerations for IT such as data governance, meta-data, and single source of the truth

Aculytics ensures we maintain focus around key IT factors like data governance, meta-data management, and building an efficient and scalable architecture. We also ensure our deployments maintain a single source of truth and adhere to QlikView standards and best practices. Leveraging our pre-built architecture framework, AQUA, and the processes we’ve developed based on our experience enables us to easily manage and govern these enterprise considerations. What does that mean for you? Aculytics’ plan will be focused on your needs as opposed to the research and development of these processes and considerations which in turn reduces your total cost of ownership and the time required to implement a strategy

Training for internal developers and administrators so your organization can self-sustain

Whether your internal resources are new to QlikView, looking to polish their skills, or want to cover more advanced topics, Aculytics’ certified QlikView trainers can help. Our pre-built proprietary content can help meet your training needs for any volume of resources. Learn more about our training services by clicking here.

User driven self service BI

Removing the dependency on IT to develop new dashboards, chart, or graphs allows your organization to move at the speed of today’s business climate. Not to mention, resource capacity can be strained when there is high demand for new dashboards and enhancements from business units. Our QlikView architects will help strategize a plan to move your deployment towards the golden standard of user driven self-service analytics. This includes the roles, processes, and training needed to function in a self-service environment.

Let us help you develop a plan to drive your organization towards cutting edge business intelligence on the QlikView business discovery platform.

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